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2022. Lynch, Robert, Susie Schaffnit, Rebecca Sear, Richard Sosis, John Shaver, Nurul Alam, Tami Blumenfield, Siobhán M. Mattison, and Mary K. Shenk. Religiosity is associated with greater size, kin density, and geographic dispersal of women’s social networks in Bangladesh. Nature: Scientific Reports, 12 18780. (link to article)

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2021. Sum, Chun-Yi, Tami Blumenfield, Mary K. Shenk, and Siobhán M. Mattison. Hierarchy, Resentment, and Pride: Politics of Identity and Belonging among Mosuo, Yi, and Han, in Southwest China. Modern China. (link to article)

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2020. Wander, Katherine, Mingjie Su*, Peter M. Mattison*, Christopher C. Witt, Tami Blumenfield, Mary K. Shenk, Hui Li, and Siobhán M. Mattison. High altitude adaptation mitigates risk for hypertension and diabetes-associated anemia. American Journal of Physical Anthropology. (link to article) EDITOR'S CHOICE

2020. Scelza, Brooke A., Sean P. Prall, Tami Blumenfield, Alyssa N. Crittenden, Michael Gurven, Michelle Kline, Jeremy Koster, Geoff Kushnick, Siobhán Mattison, Elizabeth Pillsworth, Mary K. Shenk, Kathrine Starkweather, Jonathan Stieglitz, Chun-Yi Sum, Kyoko Yamaguchi, and Richard McElreath. Patterns of paternal investment predict cross-cultural variation in jealous response. Nature Human Behaviour. (link to article)


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