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Siobhán Cully (Mattison)

Lab Director

Siobhán is an anthropologist and biologist with interests in evolution, behavioral ecology, kinship, reproduction, demography, health, social inequality, and quantitative and mixed methods. She works in economically transitioning societies in China and Vanuatu to understand the evolutionary causes and consequences of inequality, reproductive skew, sex-biased parental investment, adoption and fosterage, and health behaviors. (CV) (Email)


Daniela Kraemer

Research Assistant Professor (postdoc equivalent), since 2022

Daniela is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Anthropology Department at the University of New Mexico, as well as an Adjunct Anthropology Lecturer at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo Canada. She earned her Ph.D. at the London School of Economics. Her ethnographic research focuses on urban social transformation and ways of being urban in Port Vila, Vanuatu a South Pacific nation. She investigates the many ways peoples’ social relationships with family, neighbors, partners, and ‘place’ become transformed in Port Vila, which is a relatively new urbanizing context. In the HFED Lab, she works on issues related to fertility transition. (Email) (Personal website)

Ruizhe Liu.jpg

Ruizhe (Rachel) Liu

Graduate Student, since 2019

Ruizhe is a PhD student in anthropology. She once majored in Archaeology, and now she is interested in the effects of identity on in-group versus out-group cooperation. She also focuses on human behavioral ecology and material culture of ethinic groups in China. She earned her MA in 2021 and is supported by an NSF REG. (Email)


Md. Khaled Bin Oli Bhuiyan

Graduate Student, since 2022

Khaled is a PhD student in Evolutionary Anthropology at the UNM. His research interests include human behavioral ecology, life history theory and evolutionary medicine. His dissertation focuses on understanding diversity in human life courses and how they are shaped by individual and socio-ecological factors. He earned his undergraduate and masters degrees in anthropology from Jahangirnagar University. (Email).


Joseph Merl

Undergraduate (REU) Student, since 2023

Joseph is an undergraduate student at UNM majoring in Emergency Medical Services. He is focused on providing care in austere environments and in places without stable medical access. Joseph is also interested in the effects of personal and societal perceptions on health dynamics across different cultures.


Nicholas Allen

Undergraduate (REU) Student, since 2023

Nick is a third-year undergraduate at the University of New Mexico (UNM) studying Anthropology and Political Science. He is currently a part of the Anthropology Honors program at UNM and plans to do his senior thesis on nationalism and the symbolic expression of nationalism. Nick is excited about this opportunity and looks forward to learning more about the research process.


Madelyn Gomez

Undergraduate (REU) Student, since 2023

Maddie is currently a junior at UNM studying Biochemistry and is aiming towards a career in lab work and research as well as a member of the UNM Honors College. She has an interest in a variety of the sciences including environmental, biochemical, and astronomy. Outside of academia she has a passion for the outdoors and the arts including music and visual art such as painting.

Former members


Kyle Clark (University of New Mexico) (2022, postdoc)

Darragh Hare (University of Oxford) (2018-2019, postdoc)

Chun-Yi Sum (Boston University (2016-18, postdoc)

Edmond Seabright (Currently Research & Education Fellow, School of Collective Intelligence,) (PhD co-chair with Hilly Kaplan, 2015-2022)

Adam Reynolds (2016-2022, Chair, Stepped down in 2022)

Eric Massengill (Non-Academic) (Co-Chair with Hilly Kaplan, 2016-2018)

Samuel KP Shriver  (Non-Academic) (2022-2023)

Hannah MacDonald (Non-Academic) (2016-2018)

Mattie Dunn (Currently in JD Program) (2018-2021, magna cum laude)

Gabrielle D'Angelo Baca (2018-2021)

Bernardo Ubaldo Seixas (2018-2021, summa cum laude); Supported by NSF REU

Elizabeth Medina-Romero (2019-2021, cum laude); Supported by McNair and ROC

Megan Gutierrez (2018-2021)


Bridget Chak (University of Chicago) 2015-2016: Supported by UROP

Hanying Mao (Columbia University) 2015-2016 


Jingzhe (Bill) Cao (Cornell University) 2015-2016: Supported by UROP

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