Siobhan Mattison.jpg

Siobhán Mattison

Lab Director

Siobhán is an anthropologist and biologist with interests in evolution, behavioral ecology, kinship, reproduction, demography, health, social inequality, and quantitative and mixed methods. She works in economically transitioning societies in China and Vanuatu to understand the evolutionary causes and consequences of inequality, reproductive skew, sex-biased parental investment, adoption and fosterage, and health behaviors. (CV) (Email)

Adam Reynolds.jpg

Adam Reynolds

Graduate Student, since 2017

Adam's interests center on the effects of markets on individual livelihoods and social relationships. His fieldwork is in China, Vanuatu, and Mauritius. (Email)

Ruizhe Liu.jpg

Ruizhe Liu

Graduate Student, since 2019

Ruizhe is a new PhD student in anthropology. She once majored in Archaeology, and now she is interested in the effects of identity on in-group versus out-group cooperation. She also focuses on human behavioral ecology and material culture of ethinic groups in China.

Maddie petroglyph.jpg

Mattie Dunn

Undergraduate Student, since 2018

MaTTIE is a 4th-year evolutionary anthropology major who likes learning about why people do what they do. He is particularly interested in the role of evolution pertaining to mate preference, as well as anything the lab group is talking about - because it's all amazing, and so important. 

Gabrielle DB.jpg

Gabrielle D'angelo-Baca

Undergraduate Student, since 2018

Gabrielle is seeking a dual-degree in environmental communication and psychology, with a minor in evolutionary anthropology. Her interests include gender and sexual diversities, social determinants of health, and cross-cultural studies. 



Ubaldo Seixas

Undergraduate Student, since 2018

Bernardo is seeking a major in psychology and a minor in evolutionary anthropology. He wants to understand what makes societies so different from one another, and how nature and culture enmesh to produce behavior.


Megan Gutierrez

Undergraduate Student, since 2018

Megan is studying evolutionary anthropology with a minor in psychology. She interested in the human brain and behavior, how evolution and culture have shaped mental health and health behaviors.  

Elizabeth Medina.png

Elizabeth Medina

Undergraduate Student, since 2019

Elizabeth is a studying anthropology. Her interests are human behavior, migration, and local community relationships. She is excited and honored to be part of the HFED Lab as she works on her own research regarding human migration.

Former members

Darragh Hare (University of Oxford) (2018-2019)

Chun-Yi Sum (University of Rochester) (2016-18)


Bridget Chak (University of Chicago) 2015-2016: Supported by UROP

Hanying Mao (Columbia University) 2015-2016 


Jingzhe (Bill) Cao (Princeton University) 2015-2016: Supported by UROP

Collaborators, current and past

Bret Beheim (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)

Tami Blumenfield (Furman University) 

Monique Borgerhoff Mulder (UC Davis)

Melissa J. Brown (Harvard University) 


Emily K. Brunson (Texas State University, San Marcos) 


Peter Buston (Boston University)


Ethan Cochrane (University of Auckland)


Nicole Creanza (Vanderbilt)


Bria Dunham (Boston University, Sargent College) 


Marcus W. Feldman (Stanford University) 


Bruce Floyd (University of Auckland) 


Masako Fujita (Michigan State University)


Simone Gill (Boston University) 


Binglin Gong (Fudan University)


Raymond Hames (University of Nebraska) 


Katie Hinde (Arizona State University) 


Darryl J. Holman (University of Washington) 


Oren Kolodny (Stanford University)


Judith Littleton (University of Auckland) 


Cristina Moya (UC Davis)

Dawn B. Neill (California Polytechnic State University) 


David Nolin (Penn State)


Mary K. Shenk (Penn State)


Brooke Scelza (UCLA)

Rebecca Sear (LSHTM) 


Eric Alden Smith (University of Washington)


Julie Spray (University of Auckland)


Mary Towner (Oklahoma State University)


Susanna Trnka (University of Auckland)

Katherine Wander (Binghamton University)


Peter Buston (Boston University; Faculty Mentor)


Karen Warkentin (Boston University; Faculty Mentor)

James Traniello (Boston University; Faculty Mentor)

Melissa Brown (Stanford University, now Harvard Yenching Inst.; Postdoctoral Supervisor)

Marcus W. Feldman (Stanford University; Postdoctoral Supervisor)


Matthew Sommer (Stanford University; Postdoctoral Supervisor)


Eric Alden Smith (University of Washington; Dissertation Supervisor)


Donna Leonetti (University of Washington; Dissertation Advisor)


Stevan Harrell (University of Washington; Dissertation Advisor)


Shelly Lundberg (University of Washington, now UCSB; Graduate Student Representative)


Tom Seeley (Cornell University; Undergraduate Honors Advisor)